Full or Partial Rewiring

You can rest assured that West London Electricians have the experience and skill to complete a partial or full electrical rewire safely and with concern for the disruption such major, but vital, work can cause.
Many houses in the UK still have old wiring, for example fabric or rubber covered flex. This can be unsafe, a potential fire hazard and also less efficient than modern systems. This can also affect the resale value of your house, as old wiring almost certainly is highlighted as a major problem during a survey.  If your electrical wiring was installed many years ago (especially pre 1970's) it is likely that the installation was not planned to accommodate the level of electrical equipment that you have today.
A rewire will make the electrical wiring in your home safe and more capable of meeting today's demands in terms of electrical appliances.
Full Rewire
A full rewire involves replacing all cables, fittings and distribution equipment. Cables can be chased into the walls & completely hidden. Alternatively rewiring can involve a surface rewire where the cables are hidden in mini trunking fitted onto the surface of the walls                 
Part Rewire
A part rewire may be the replacement of a section of the installation or just updating of the fuse boxes, fittings or cables to upgrade an installation to the current regulations and efficiency..

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